About Us

Welcome to FANY jewelry – where you will find unique products that are modern, innovative and timelessly stylish.  

Launched in early 2019, and based in New York city, FANY jewelry has been inspired by nature so as to then inspire you and those you love.  Our pendants have been carefully crafted to resemble the living beauty found within nature.  Special attention has been lavished upon the gemstones, all natural and never synthetic, so as to create and bring to you absolutely unique products.

The very name FANY takes two concepts and blends them into one enticing name.

First, we have the god Fa.  Deep in the mists of time, in the majesty and beauty of west Africa, many would worship Fa, the god of fate and destiny – casting his gaze over the past, present and future simultaneously.

The beating pulse of life and style that only the Big Apple can provide is what gives us the phenomenon that is New York city – NY.

Those two together give us FANY.

Beautiful jewelry has long been cherished, from the days of Fa to the here and now high living chic of modern-day New York city.  When you buy or give FaNY jewelry, you are making a timeless statement of style, beauty and love that spans the ages.

FANY jewelry comes in a wide range of styles, allowing you to make the perfect choice for you or a loved one for any special occasion or any good reason at all. Why not invest today in a display of the modern, with a hint of the mysterious past, with FANY jewelry?